Gentle Whale Vol. 1

by Gentle Whale

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released March 5, 2011

Artist and track compilation by Johnny Hoel with a little help from his friends and the artists themselves. Artwork by anonymous, based on designs and concepts by Christine Hong. Technology administered by Casey Dwyer. Special thanks to all the artists who contributed, as well as Nick Rico, Ethan Parker and all of our friends at μ for their input and support.

Dedicated to Brayden.


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Gentle Whale

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Track Name: Casey Dwyer - Start Loving Me
Does he still call upon you sometimes
When he has nothing better to do?
Does he call upon you at all
When he's back with you-know-who?

Did he tell you that you'd be together
Just as soon as he set himself free?
It seems that he hasn't stopped loving her
So why don't you stop loving him and start loving me?

When I'm with you, my heart races
Like thoroughbreds down at the track
It beats like their hooves upon pavement
That strike with a resounding clack

I loathe to see you go away
Though I love to watch you leave
Either way, babe, I would like you to stay
And begin to stop loving him and start loving me

What has he done for you lately, if ever
But tell you what you want to hear?
Has he put forth any kind of effort
To make you so convinced that he cares?

You were curious to see if he loves you
Well, move along, there's nothing to see
Just as sure as the stars shine above you
You need to just stop loving him and start loving me

The moon hangs over the horizon
Its reflection trembles on the brook
I can't even begin to describe it
You would have to just come take a look

I wish you could be here to see it
It's certainly something to see
Baby, you best a-believe it
It's time to just stop loving him and start loving me
Track Name: Jack Radsliff - Bum
If I drop out now my life would be so easy
share a box with the rest of my class
living homeless on the streets of san francisco
just my streetcorner and my time to pass
If it gets hot i can crash at someones
as long as they have AC
and If it starts to pour il stay right on my corner
and do my raindance down by the sea
moscone center
is where ill park
youll find me there
in the fog or in the dark
hangin out
down by at&t
come see the black and orange
and come see me

And one day I'll bring my guitar to my corner
play for tips but give them all away
Cuz I like it better when I'm poorer
nowhere to go but no debt to pay
panhandle or the haight
is where Ill stay
you should come visit
any night or any day
hangin out
down by at&t
come see the black and orange
and come see me
Track Name: August Harris Lauren - I Don't Know Why
I don't know why
we got older
you get taller
winds get colder

did I break all
of your monies
it wasn't like that
breadcrumb crawl back

jesus christ
not my eyes
had a baby
not my eyes

this cannot ever change
this cannot ever change

closed my eyes
so you can't see me
bit my tongue
now we don't speak

I must say
I still see your moonface
with the light out
you're still bright out

this cannot ever change
Track Name: Dylan Marx - Blue
Did you hear I'm feeling kind of blue
Does anyone care, I hope you do
But do you
I'll know

Don't feel so down, don't feel so blue
I tell myself that and I know you do too
But do you
I hope you don't
Do you?

Everyone looks blue to me
Maybe its something we can't see
Or perhaps they are like me
Wondering whats wrong
Are we free

I've been thinking about moving away
Somewhere so far nobody knows my name
So far away
A new place to stay

But there they will treat me just the same
Because every city is just another game
Individuals are not to blame
They are all just the same

I look in the mirror, am I like you?
I just can't tell because my mind is feeling new
But I guess that it could be true
Were both blue

Did you hear I'm feeling kind of blue
Does anyone care, I hope that you do
But do you
I'll know
Track Name: Bedroom Minstrels - A Cow and a Calf, or, The Sun
Well the Sun got lost - on it's way to bed
it's been sleeping around - it hasn't come up yet
I go looking for it - but i cannot find it anywhere
i guess it's hard in the dark - im staring at my feet on the ground
and ryan hung himself inside a closet - i know it sucks, i think it showed
so don't lecture me - about feeling anything
cause when you left the door - you slammed it into the wall

Streetlights in the city at night
It's not sunlight but it will suffice
It's only for a few more new york nights

There's a storm brewing in my brain
Keeping me up at times - Keeping me awake
& I don't sleep, except during the day
I guess you could call me - A narcoleptic rain
Foggin' up your drain - and there's a contradiction in the way you speak

They're putting blocks in the road
You're terrified of your clothes
It's only for a few more New England parades

New Jersey - That's where we'll go
Why, I don't know - Cause we need a place
to rest cause the road gets heavy
Heavy like your soul - it is worn down
but winter's breath on your neck
My love, come walk with me
through all the fields
and through the beautiful