Bedroom Minstrels - A Cow and a Calf, or, The Sun

from by Gentle Whale



The Bedroom Minstrels ( is actually just Johnny the minstrel. Johnny was born in Chicago, though he lives outside of Boston now. He has difficulty expressing his feelings in words and attempts to get them across through music. He enjoys hiding in headphones.


Well the Sun got lost - on it's way to bed
it's been sleeping around - it hasn't come up yet
I go looking for it - but i cannot find it anywhere
i guess it's hard in the dark - im staring at my feet on the ground
and ryan hung himself inside a closet - i know it sucks, i think it showed
so don't lecture me - about feeling anything
cause when you left the door - you slammed it into the wall

Streetlights in the city at night
It's not sunlight but it will suffice
It's only for a few more new york nights

There's a storm brewing in my brain
Keeping me up at times - Keeping me awake
& I don't sleep, except during the day
I guess you could call me - A narcoleptic rain
Foggin' up your drain - and there's a contradiction in the way you speak

They're putting blocks in the road
You're terrified of your clothes
It's only for a few more New England parades

New Jersey - That's where we'll go
Why, I don't know - Cause we need a place
to rest cause the road gets heavy
Heavy like your soul - it is worn down
but winter's breath on your neck
My love, come walk with me
through all the fields
and through the beautiful


from Gentle Whale Vol. 1, released March 5, 2011


all rights reserved



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