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Jack Radsliff (jackradsliff.bandcamp.com) is a singer songwriter out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He currently performs with the groups Dirty Ears and the St. Valentinez in which he plays his original work along with the work of bandmates Dylan Marx and Michael Lu (Dirty Ears) and performs the work of his bandmates in the St. Valentinez. Most of Jack's writing falls under the category of folk rock but depending on the song it ranges between a variety of genres.


If I drop out now my life would be so easy
share a box with the rest of my class
living homeless on the streets of san francisco
just my streetcorner and my time to pass
If it gets hot i can crash at someones
as long as they have AC
and If it starts to pour il stay right on my corner
and do my raindance down by the sea
moscone center
is where ill park
youll find me there
in the fog or in the dark
hangin out
down by at&t
come see the black and orange
and come see me

And one day I'll bring my guitar to my corner
play for tips but give them all away
Cuz I like it better when I'm poorer
nowhere to go but no debt to pay
panhandle or the haight
is where Ill stay
you should come visit
any night or any day
hangin out
down by at&t
come see the black and orange
and come see me


from Gentle Whale Vol. 1, released March 5, 2011


all rights reserved



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